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Indian River Lagoon

One of my top priorities as a Martin County Commissioner has always been to advocate for better water quality. For years, we’ve watched declining water quality. My sons deserve to be able to swim and fish in our river and so do you and your kids. Over the last few years serving you, I have sought solutions by working with our Federal and State partners.

  • Leverage my relationships statewide for funding to complete projects that restore our waterways
  • Educate residents about how what they do affects coastal water quality

Community Redevelopment Areas

The great thing about Martin County is we have choices. You can choose to live on a 5-acre ranchette in a golf course community or in a downtown area or something in between. As commissioner, I prioritized a lengthy public process to support community redevelopment in some of our oldest neighborhoods. Throughout this nearly two year process our board was able to adapt and update community redevelopment codes to support our CRAs.

Comprehensive Plan and Growth

We need to plan for how we want to look in 30 years. A strong comprehensive plan protects what makes Martin County special. I grew up here. So did my parents and their parents. I want to preserve our small-town character while recognizing some change is inevitable and ensuring that we have a vibrant economy. A strong comprehensive plan focuses us on how we will adapt, yet maintain, our quality of life. Wouldn’t it be great if we could stop change and growth? My sons would always remain my sweet babies. We can’t stop growth, but we can ensure that it is managed in ways consistent with our vision.


As your commissioner, I’ve never forgotten that government does not spend its own money. Government spends YOUR money. I have held fast to the core Republican principle of keeping your tax rates low through balanced leadership that is fair, truthful and works for all residents.

Even so, we must continue to be diligent in addressing spending and we must have an economic plan, consistent with our comprehensive development plan and our vision of the future. Essentially, we have to expand our tax base or cut services to residents. By targeting specific industries and services for recruitment, we can expand the tax base and create a more diverse and resilient economy. One consistent with our values and our vision.

Economic Development

You gotta have a plan. And, our Martin County plan for economic development needs to be consistent with our Comprehensive Development Plan and our vision of the future. We are unique, which means the kinds of businesses we attract need to fit within our concept of who we are and who we want to be. The alternative to making these wise and specific choices is economic stagnation. That’s not good for us now or into the future. I want my children to be able to choose Martin County for their home, to raise my grandkids here, to love this place like I do. But, without good jobs, that’s not a choice for your kids or mine.

Listening to Residents

Since I’ve been in Martin County my entire life, I know a lot about how the people I know and love feel and what’s important to them. However, during the past several years serving as your county commissioner I have had opportunities to work alongside neighborhoods to help resolve important issues facing their community.

Transparency in Government

Transparent Government has been my priority from DAY 1 on the job. We have learned lessons The public’s business must be conducted in public.

Finally, the public interested is defined by where you draw the circle. We can’t please all the people, but my public interest is defined as Martin County where the majority of the people are served the majority of the time.